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Pneumatic Conveying Solutions (Pneu-Con) specializes in the movement of dry bulk materials, with over 40 years of experience. Their industry expertise ranges from hemp to coffee, with a focus on ensuring their clients’ products remain damage-free and safe thanks to customized conveying solutions. Nomadic collaborated with the Pneu-Con team to help them reach their goals and prepare their business for scale. To achieve this, Nomadic performed an overhaul of their user experience, and informational and visual designs, while rethinking their positioning in the marketplace through ads and marketing campaigns.


Pneu-Con has maintained a consistent market share for nearly 40 years, working with clients across the United States and Mexico. To remain competitive and relevant in today’s changing market, they needed to optimize and reevaluate their content and outreach to prospective clients.


  • Digital & print ad creation
  • Optimized navigation & informational flow
  • Consistent brand messaging & storybrand

In order to capture new audiences and improve understanding of their offering, Pneu-Con required a reimagined user experience, with content catered to their specific audience in tandem with a distinctive, differentiating visual design.


  • Optimized user flows & audience targeting
  • Informational & content rich web page implementation
  • Distinctive & modern visual design
  • Industry specific content creation

To achieve their visibility and conversion rate goals, Pneu-Con wanted to improve their user outreach and understanding of their competitors. They also wished to become more competitive in their different market segments.


  • Keyword research & targeting growth
  • Industry forward design
  • Competitor & market analysis
  • Improved search visibility & SEO

With 40 years of expertise and presence on the market, Pneu-Con sought a way to scale their business leveraging state-of-the-art digital lead generation and marketing strategies.


  • Scalable website architecture & organic presence
  • Authoritative content creation
  • LinkedIn lead generation, business follower growth, email acquisition
  • Google & Facebook ad campaigns




Nomadic worked on multiple marketing and design fronts with Pneu-con, highlighting the importance of new potential client outreach in multiple formats. This process began with the creation of print and digital ads and articles, designed to be predecessors and to be aligned with new web design and digital marketing campaigns.


Nomadic overhauled the look and feel of the Pneu-Con website, creating brand cohesion by taking the same design approach used in the print and digital ads phase of the project. Pneu-Con’s redesigned site architecture improved the user’s firsthand informational understanding based on Pneu-Con’s Storybrand, creating cohesive ad copy tone and flow. To ensure usability, we developed content-forward ads and web pages with entirely user-centered designs.

User Targeting &
Brand Narrative


Through the creation of User Personas and a high-level Storybrand, content was more understandable to current and prospective users, improving overall engagement and the likelihood for conversions.


Nomadic implemented content-rich web pages designed to optimize information intake and processing, greatly improving the user experience and satisfaction overall. To compliment on-page content, we implemented focused blog articles designed to expand visibility and engagement.


Pneu-Con’s designs were created with a distinct visual identity, allowing their brand to stand out from competitors. The new designs provided users with a fresh experience, differentiating Pneu-Con within the pneumatic conveying market. 


Every aspect of Pneu-Con’s website was built for growth and expansion. With industry specific landing pages, an SEO optimized blog, and re-imagined architecture, the website is well positioned for growth. 


Market Share Expansion


With the rollout of their new website, Nomadic was able to implement improved SEO sitewide, through in-depth research catered to Pneu-Con’s markets of expertise. Optimizations were carried out sitewide with various improvements such as the inclusion of keyword-forward content and relevant meta descriptions. 


To ensure Pneu-Con’s success, Nomadic conducted advanced market research and compiled information on industry design standards and competitor positioning. Empowered with this insight, Nomadic was able to deliver a digital marketing roadmap handcrafted for Pneu-Con’s strategic objectives.


In an ongoing market outreach, consistent conversion of new clients is extremely important. Nomadic implemented cross-platform campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. These campaigns have engage Pneu-Con’s current and new audiences, and has facilitated new partnerships conveying and engineering partnerships. Our campaigns have generated an average of 12 new qualified leads per month.

Launch results

Improved user experience and brand scaling efforts.

Increased Organic Visibility
Increased Organic Traffic
Leads Per Week





Nomadic communicated effectively and properly set and maintained expectations while collaborating with a diverse team to ensure that Directors Mortgage rolled out a top tier enterprise website. The amount of detail and care put in by every team member at... Nomadic reflected their true dedication to ensure that we were able to improve customer experience, enhance engagement and optimize for future growth and expansion. We've enjoyed a 206% increase in site visits, and a 543% increase in organic visibility on our website since the same time last year.
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AVP Marketing & Business
Directors Mortgage


The good people at Nomadic helped us transform our website from a patched-up used car to a smooth functioning Ferrari. They also helped us learn, prioritize, and execute better on activities necessary to maintain our SEO authority - which is critical to our...growth. The team was responsive, organized, expert, thoughtful, flexible and just plain good people that we like and respect. After the initial project, we continue to work closely with them. We recommend checking them out for your digital marketing needs across the board.
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Vivek Menon

Elite HRV


I’ve worked with the Nomadic team on numerous projects – they are the quintessential digital marketing veterans. They come to the table with valuable insights, audits, market research, and a precise roadmap for growth. At Storflex, they modernized ...our branding, launched an enterprise website, overhauled our digital marketing and deployed new lead generation campaigns. These initiatives have enabled us to focus on fulfillment and expand our production from an average of 4 orders a day to over 50. We are on track to increase our revenue from under $20M to over $35M in 2021, and project triple digit revenue growth again in 2022. We will be canceling our trade show exhibitions and reinvesting those resources into expanding our digital strategy with Nomadic.
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Kevin Melendy



Nomadic is not just a vendor. They are an invaluable resource and thought leader that have partnered with us through a comprehensive modernization of our digital strategy. They are accessible, proactive, and reliable. With their guidance, we’ve built a predictable,... multi-channel pipeline of organic and paid leads, and we are seeing ~25 new high quality leads each week. In Q2, we have generated over $7M in new quotes that are now at various stages of closing, and have achieved the #1 ranking for many of our top industry keywords. I can’t recommend Nomadic highly enough.
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Matthew Hemenez

Pneumatic Conveying, Inc.


The team at Nomadic Software exceeded our expectations on all fronts and we couldn't be happier! Their staff was highly skilled at evolving our legacy brand elements into a more streamlined and sophisticated digital experience, all while improving the overall... functionality of our site. What took them merely a few weeks to develop, has rapidly improved the brand experience of Camp Girl Boss and catalyzed our scalability, tenfold.
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Emily Breedlove

Camp Girl Boss