Elite HRV

Content Strategy // Market Analysis + Digital Strategy // SEO // Technical Website Audit



Elite HRV is the most widely-used and top-rated Heart Rate Variability (HRV) application on the market, providing HRV metrics and insights within a simple, easy-to-use system. Their focus is on providing a high-quality, accurate, and robust platform to aid individuals in reaching their health and performance goals. Nomadic Software worked with the Elite HRV team to audit and analyze website and SEO performance, implementing strategic optimization activities designed to increase downloads, expand brand visibility, and capture additional market share.


Elite HRV sought to improve their website’s performance and overall stability to streamline the website update process, reduce bugs and errors, and pave the way for future platform expansion.


  • Technical audit of underlying problems
  • Plugin-suite optimization
  • Image asset optimization

Successfully expanding Elite HRV’s competitive position required continued brand visibility improvements focused on strategically targeting new audiences and maximizing brand reach. These improvements would pave the way for Elite HRV’s ongoing and future brand expansion into new market segments and target niches.


  • Improved domain authority
  • Keyword portfolio & targeting expansion
  • On-page SEO improvements

To reach their strategic growth objectives, Elite HRV sought to increase app downloads, CorSense product sales, and course registrations and engagement. Growth in these areas would also translate to expanded brand visibility, recognition, and awareness for Elite HRV, which was critical for reaching new target audiences as they scaled.


  • Improved search visibility
  • Expanded brand awareness
  • Re-designed UI/UX

Ensuring Elite HRV’s continued market share growth and competitiveness required an ongoing expansion in brand visibility, awareness, and engagement. To maintain their position as a leader in the HRV space, Elite HRV sought to strategically broaden their reach to previously untapped segments and audiences within their niche, and beyond.


  • Keyword portfolio & targeting growth
  • Reduced brand cannibalization
  • Expanded brand awareness


Website Performance & Design


Nomadic overhauled the backend plugin architecture, replacing antiquated plugins with modern alternatives, and implementing new performance, analytics, and security plugins. This resulted in improved platform performance, security, and future reliability.


Nomadic worked with the Elite team to design a new course landing page layout, with the end goal of improving user engagement. Once implemented, this page attracted more than 3,000 total user visits, 48% of which were new users, and reduced bounce rate to an impressive 0.25%. 

Brand Visibility & Engagement


More than 25,000 technical website issues were repaired, and 50+ toxic backlinks disavowed, reducing the overall site toxicity score and improving the domain’s SEO authority and overall search engine visibility.


Through strategic keyword targeting, content improvements, and metadata optimization, Elite HRV experienced an 11.2% search visibility gain, and a 3,000-keyword portfolio volume increase, driving increased traffic to their platform while also expanding brand awareness.


Through strategic SEO improvements, organic clicks increased by 4,000, impressions increased by 90,000, and Elite HRV’s average search position improved by 2.4%. Significantly more users visited the site and for longer periods of time, as organic page views expanded by 93%, while organic bounce rate dropped by nearly 82%.


Market Share Expansion


Nomadic worked with the Elite HRV team to strategically consolidate their sub-domains and streamline traffic to their primary domain. Our efforts resulted in a 17% redistribution of organic traffic from the subdomains to the root domain, significantly reducing cannibalization and improving SEO performance. 


Nomadic’s strategic SEO improvements resulted in improved keyword targeting, search visibility, and organic site traffic, which drove a 1.55% organic increase in CorSense product revenue, as well as a 6.54% increase in app downloads from organic users.

Launch results

Improved user experience and brand visibility.

Decrease in Organic User Bounce Rate
Increase in Organic App Downloads
Increase in Organic Impressions

The good people at Nomadic helped us transform our website from a patched-up used car to a smooth functioning Ferrari. They also helped us learn, prioritize, and execute better on activities necessary to maintain our SEO authority - which is critical to our growth. The team was responsive, organized, expert, thoughtful, flexible and just plain good people that we like and respect. After the initial project, we continue to work closely with them. We recommend checking them out for your digital marketing needs across the board.

Vivek Menon

CCO, Elite HRV