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Directors Mortgage is a west-coast mortgage lender headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Directors specializes in a variety of mortgage offerings, ranging from conventional loans to reverse mortgages. Nomadic Software carried out a full migration of their website from Squarespace to WordPress, further bolstering their nationwide expansion efforts, and promoting their brand commitment to a community-first, people-focused approach to mortgage lending. Through this process, Nomadic restructured their website architecture and informational design, and re-imagined the platform’s visual design and aesthetics.



Directors Mortgage was on a solid growth trajectory, with operations in 8 states, and more than 20 branches in total. To support their continued growth toward national expansion, Directors needed an easy-to-use web platform that not only propelled their brand message forward, but also equipped them for future brand expansion.


  • Optimized navigation and website architecture
  • Extensible custom search tool
  • Brand-forward user interface design

As part of their corporate philosophy, Directors believes that buying a house is one of the most important milestones in an individual’s life - it is a goal they set out to achieve, a story they tell. Portraying this story as part of the website user experience put the user first, a critical element in expanding user engagement. To differentiate the Directors brand within the mortgage lending space, the experience had to be engaging, educational, and accessible to a wide variety of users.


  • Optimized, multi-step user flows/pathways
  • Re-designed user interface + informational design
  • Compelling calls-to-action

As a fast-growing enterprise-level organization, Directors Mortgage’s operations are multi-faceted, complex, and geographically-distributed. There are many moving parts to manage and consider - from employees to software systems.

To ensure their ongoing organizational support and growth positioning, Directors required a well-architected platform that could seamlessly manage many sources and types of data. Creating sturdy architectures and logical relationships between information in the back end was critical to obtaining a perfect informational flow on the front end.


  • Intuitive data and information architecture
  • Logical, user-friendly content flow
  • Scalable, extensible website infrastructure


Improved Performance
& Security


Overall performance was enhanced, producing a smoother website journey for the user, with the ability to navigate more efficiently thanks to improved content load times.


During the replatforming, Nomadic implemented a comprehensive SEO improvement strategy to further solidify Directors’ site authority and search visibility. This was achieved through keyword-optimized metadata, on-page content improvements and keyword targeting, the addition of a robust SEO plugin, and the implementation of a strategic permalink structure logic.


Through Nomadic’s implementation and configuration of a robust suite of security and maintenance plugins, the re-imagined Directors site was equipped to handle the most sensitive transactions securely across platforms and devices.

Extensive Functionality
& Integrations


Nomadic custom-built search tools designed to streamline the user’s pathway to connection and conversion. These full-scope tools allowed the user to seamlessly find a specialist, location, or team, returning only the most relevant and comprehensive results within a user-friendly interface. Pairing robust functionality with sleek interface design, these search tools were built to scale. 


By replatforming from Squarespace to WordPress, Nomadic was able to architect and build a much more scalable, extensible platform for Directors Mortgage. Through the power of WordPress, our team was able to create customized solutions designed to bridge Directors’ diverse stakeholder groups and information systems. We simplified ongoing platform management and maintenance through the use of intuitive logic and data relationships, creating a platform positioned for growth.


Nomadic worked with the Directors team to seamlessly integrate multiple digital systems into their re-imagined web platform, improving internal business processes and lead management capabilities. We managed a site-wide integration of a new CRM system, and implemented and customized a suite of third-party tools. We provided technical support and managed implementation, ensuring all user touch points across the platform were properly routed and smoothly assimilated into the communications and sales pipelines.


Immersive User Experience


Nomadic re-imagined the Directors website architecture, enabling a more thorough categorization of content, with improved labelling and menu navigation structures. These improvements, along with the improved on-page informational flow, ensured a more immersive and engaging user experience.


To further highlight the individuality of the Directors Mortgage brand within the mortgage space, Nomadic designed a fresh, modernized interface created with the user in mind. Our designers added a touch of design flare and interest, breathing new life into the extensive array of on-page information and content required by this industry. Imagery and iconography actively guided visitors through the site and expanded their understanding, improving retention, brand interest, and ultimately conversion.

Launch results

Improved user experience and brand visibility.

Increase in Site Visits
States Expanded To

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Nomadic communicated effectively and properly set and maintained expectations while collaborating with a diverse team to ensure that Directors Mortgage rolled out a top tier enterprise website. The amount of detail and care put in by every team member at Nomadic reflected their true dedication to ensure that we were able to improve customer experience, enhance engagement and optimize for future growth and expansion. We've enjoyed a 206% increase in site visits, and a 543% increase in organic visibility on our website since the same time last year.


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