City Home

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City Home is an aspirational lifestyle retailer located in the Pacific Northwest, with online, brick-and-mortar, and pop-up storefronts. Specializing in furniture, home decor and accessories, and design services, City Home provides their clientele with a full-service home furnishing experience. Nomadic Software architected and re-designed City Home’s web platform to increase website traffic and SEO performance, improve brand visibility, and expand in-store visits and sales.


As City Home is both a physical and online business, improving brand visibility and awareness was critical to their future business development. Increasing both in-store foot traffic and website visits were key priorities. While the primary focus was driving in-store traffic, the website needed to effectively lead any potential customers to a physical location, if possible.

To achieve this, we redesigned the user experience with a fresh interface focused on expanding brand messaging and positioning. The new website captured the brand cohesion our client desired, and provided the customer with the same “City Home” shopping experience online as they would receive in-store.


  • Brand-forward visual design
  • Expanded national + regional search visibility
  • Optimized user interface + engagement

City Home sought to modernize and streamline their e-commerce experience to boost both online and in-person sales. Improvements in sales hinged on a modernized e-commerce experience designed to improve user engagement, user flow, conversion rate, and brand interest. Any increase in sales would also boost brand visibility and awareness, making this a key objective of the project.


  • User-optimized catalog design
  • Intuitive e-commerce experience + design
  • Strong overall SEO performance

City Home desired to more effectively showcase their unique, extensive product collections, while also inspiring users to engage with their in-store and design services offerings. The primary goal was to create an all-encompassing user experience, both on and offline. Modernizing the website interface design and improving the user experience was critical to meeting these objectives.


  • Re-imagined informational architecture
  • Intuitive menus and navigation
  • User-centered visual design

In addition to online and brick-and-mortar retail sales, City Home offers interior design and rental services, which they sought to highlight and expand as part of their ongoing business development. Successfully expanding awareness of these offerings would require a re-designed user interface with more intuitive navigation and effective calls to action, as well as increased search engine visibility and page traffic.


  • Re-imagined visual design + calls to action
  • Improved user pathways and informational design
  • Targeted expansion of user traffic to these pages


Site Speed & Performance


Our website team audited top themes in the Shopify marketplace to determine the best performing theme available. Site speed was significantly improved, allowing the experience to flow better and faster. As a result, user retention increased with a corresponding drop in bounce rate/website exits.


Thanks to improved site speed, images and graphics now loaded more seamlessly and beautifully, immersing users in the City Home brand and product aesthetics.

Brand Visibility & Engagement


Provided users with UX-optimized pathways to learn about City Home’s brand, mission, services, and locations.


Ensured the local listing information for all physical locations was consistent, accurate, and updated in real-time. By improving the listing accuracy and standardization, users were more likely to call or visit City Home’s storefronts. As a result, user searches and requests for directions to their stores have steadily increased.


Collections were overhauled and optimized for SEO performance, increasing overall search engine visibility, site traffic, and new visitors. 


Revenue Building


Increased the number of organic checkouts by 145%, and the organic checkout conversion rate by 115%, through effective calls-to-action, intuitive interface design, expanded search visibility, and strategic product organization.


Total revenue from all online sales increased by 232%, with a corresponding increase in the average dollar amount spent per order. Sales continue to increase steadily, (organic sales in particular), thanks to the redesigned catalog architecture and user flow, as well as consistent increases in both in-store and online website traffic.


User interest in City Home’s design services offerings piqued significantly, with a 191% increase in organic traffic to the design services page. The re-imagined page design and improved visibility meant users stayed on-page for 14% longer, and were 10% less likely to navigate away from the page, indicating stronger engagement.

Launch results

An improved shopping experience.

Increase in Number of Checkouts
Increase in Ecommerce Revenue
Increase in Pageviews