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Nathan Silsbee

Nathan Silsbee

CEO / Co-Founder

Nathan is an accomplished entrepreneur who fantasizes of making impactful positive disruptions in the world through the use of technology. He enjoys whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and spending time with his wife and son.


Brian Hennessy

COO / Co-Founder

Brian is a seasoned product manager who has seen dozens of ideas from conception to realization, and knows what it takes to get a product to market. In his free time, he dreams of having free time, then gets back to work.

Michael BurginXD

Michael Burgin

CTO / Co-Founder

Michael is a skilled software engineer and full-stack developer. Odds are good that he’s working at his computer at this very moment. Outside of work, he enjoys philosophy, bourbon, and trying to keep up with his son on the basketball court.


Jeanette Neuner

Project Manager

Jeanette is an experienced business professional with a passion for creative problem-solving in collaboration with dynamic teams. When she’s not in the office, she’s either on the trail, on the road, or playing in her art studio.

Ben Rea

Ben Rea

Marketing Specialist

Ben is a passionate and driven marketer with a laser focus on skyrocketing KPI’s. He specializes in Google Ads, SEO, and Content Marketing. Oh, and he loves coffee.


Rob Parks

Software Engineer

Rob is a full stack developer working primarily in Laravel, React and AWS. His passions are web development and music, both in and outside of work. Rob is an Eagle Scout and a veteran of the U.S. Army.

Justin Aiello

Justin Aiello

Software Engineer

Justin enjoys working with JavaScript, React, and CSS. A former organic farm manager, Justin brings years of business development experience to his work. When he’s not programming, you’ll find Justin reading a good book and taking his dogs on hikes.


Chris Burbach

Quality Assurance Specialist

A former Audio/Visual engineer, Chris brings a sharp attention to detail and keen problem-solving ability to Nomadic. In his free time, Chris enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife and two kids.


Hugh Howie

Product Strategist

Hugh has worked with local, national, and global teams and brands, bringing to life a wide array of design and digital solutions. He lives and breathes strategy and user experience, which also comes in very handy when traveling the world and traversing mountains and oceans.

Waldo Silsbee

Waldo Silsbee

Digital Barketing

Waldo is committed to motivating the Nomadic team toward excellence through his many years’ experience as a barketing specialist. He enjoys spending time with humans, fetching sticks, and taking naps.