Maximize B2B Engagement: Business Software UX Design Myths

Maximize B2B Engagement: Business Software UX Design Myths

In today’s digital landscape, businesses across the board recognize the importance of delivering great customer experiences. B2C products often get the spotlight during user experience (UX) discussions.
A silent powerhouse that frequently goes unmentioned: B2B software solutions. Let’s address some of the common myths and ideas about the role of UX in B2B.

Myth: B2B Users Only Care About Results

One of the most common myths is that B2B users only care about functionality and output. This mindset prioritizes functionality with little concern for aesthetics or experience. B2B users are, of course, humans too!

Whether a professional or personal toolset, users value intuitive interfaces and smooth workflows. Business users appreciate experiences designed with them in mind.

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Myth: B2B Solutions Are Too Complex for UX

Some argue that intricate B2B solutions do not lend themselves to UX enhancements. However, complex processes can quickly become a bottleneck. 

Well-thought-out UX design simplifies complex processes and interfaces. Designing for the end-user becomes more important for tools that solve intricate problems!

Complexity shouldn’t come at the cost of usability. B2B users benefit from interfaces that demystify complexity. By ensuring intuitive and navigable processes, B2B solutions empower users to become more effective in their roles.

Myth: Decision-Makers Don’t Use the Product

When those who make purchasing decisions aren’t the end user, some believe the user experience of the product becomes irrelevant. In reality, positive UX can lead to better user feedback – influencing future purchasing decisions and strengthening business partnerships.

Myth: Training Will Compensate for Poor B2B UX Design

There’s a notion that because users will receive training, investing in UX is optional. However, a better UX reduces the need for extensive training and accelerates user adoption. Both of which can be critical when navigating process efficiency or employee turnover.

Fact: It’s time to let these myths go!

Understanding the intricate needs of businesses is paramount in building B2B solutions. At Nomadic, we strive to go beyond functionality (far beyond!).  

Our team wants to understand the essence of not only your business but also of the end-users of your custom software solution. We want to understand their day-to-day workflows, their comfort with technology, their challenges, and their aspirations!

The heart of offering a good user experience, B2B or otherwise, is empathy. Our team wants to deeply understand your business as we craft the perfect solution for your teams, leaders, and business partners, each facing unique challenges.

It’s time to bust the myths surrounding UX in B2B and recognize the immense potential of embracing UX research and design when building optimal custom software solutions. 

Nomadic passionately crafts function and user-centric B2B solutions. By incorporating UX across our design, development, and product management teams, we help businesses achieve their goals, and enjoy the journey. After all, everyone deserves an exceptional user experience! 

Let’s craft user-centric business solutions for you!

Lark Frazier

Product Owner
Lark is a creative and versatile product owner. She has a passion for human-centered design and innovative problem-solving. She strives to find solutions that strike the perfect balance between creativity and practicality. Outside of work, Lark is a musician, a yoga teacher, and loves exploring in nature with her dog.

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