Google Ads and the AI Revolution: Unlocking the Future of Advertising

Google’s annual Marketing Live conference unveiled seven new Google Ads features, almost all of which are powered by artificial intelligence (AI). As our  Director of Marketing, Garrett Hammonds explains how these innovations will significantly impact businesses like yours, transforming the future of advertising on Google.

AI-Driven Search Ads

The most popular Google Ads product, search ads, now incorporates AI into the ad-building experience. Using your website URL and a description of your product or service, Google’s conversational AI interface can generate assets. This new feature aims to speed up the process and create more business-oriented content.

However, before running the campaign, a human should review it for accuracy. While expected to improve, you should monitor generated assets, especially in these early stages.

Google Ads Conversational AI Generating Headline Copy based on user feedback

Performance Max Campaigns: Generating Content Faster

Performance Max campaigns have had their challenges, particularly when developing B2B lead generation strategies. However, with Google’s new AI-driven asset creation, businesses can test content more quickly and efficiently.

Google’s new studio features allow users to save generated assets to their libraries and incorporate them across various ad formats. This development should help businesses keep up with the demands of Performance Max campaigns without relying on massive teams to produce content rapidly.

Google Ads AI image generation based on campaign information (showing cats) and user direction (showing cat food ingredients)
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YouTube Demand Gen Campaigns: Turning YouTube into a Lead Gen Platform

Historically, marketers have used YouTube ads primarily for brand awareness and top-of-funnel campaigns. With the introduction of YouTube Demand Gen Campaigns, Google aims to transform YouTube into a lead generation platform. AI-generated content will help expand ad placements across different format types and give users more control over video selection.

Youtube, Google Discover, and Gmail Ad format examples

Organic Search and AI: The Importance of Relevance

Google is integrating AI into organic search, which will change ad placements. With Google’s conversational AI, Bard, users can specify their search queries more accurately, leading to more relevant results. This development means that advertisers must be highly relevant and focused to ensure their campaigns’ success in the future.

Mobile Google Search for Hiking Backpack for Kids using a Conversational AI search
Google generative AI search results for hiking backpacks for kids that shows sponsored ecommerce products

The AI Essentials List: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Google has provided an AI essentials list for businesses to incorporate into their advertising strategies. By understanding the implications of AI-driven features and keeping up with trends, businesses can stay ahead of the curve as this new wave of AI technology emerges. For more information on how Nomadic Software and Marketing can help you navigate these new campaign types, visit and schedule a free consultation.

In conclusion, AI innovations are shaping the future of advertising on Google. By staying informed about these new features and ensuring the quality of generated content, businesses can harness the power of AI to create more effective and targeted campaigns.

With the increasing dominance of AI in Google advertising, businesses must be agile and proactive to stay ahead of the competition.

By understanding the implications of AI-driven features, businesses can better prepare for a successful future with Google’s products and services. Using these tools and applying an AI-focused approach to advertising strategies, businesses can create more powerful campaigns that drive higher levels of engagement and performance.

With Nomadic Software & Marketing’s team of experts in digital marketing, you have access to experienced professionals who understand how to leverage these new developments in Google Advertising for maximum effect. Contact us today to get started on your journey toward engaging customers and growing your business!

Garrett Hammonds

PPC Specialist
Garrett’s a digital marketing and PPC expert who loves people, data, and design. He has a multidisciplinary marketing background which helps him navigate complex campaigns with a variety of moving parts. Also, if you’re looking for a casual game of chess – Garrett is your guy.

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