Do Google Ads Work? [And is it Worth it for Your Company]

If you want to connect with a wide audience of potential customers and use the popularity of Google to your advantage, Google Ads is one of the best tools to use for any business. You can maximize your exposure online and effectively supplement other advertising campaigns to maximize sales and ROI. 

What Exactly Is Google Ads?

Google Ads is Google’s program that allows users to create online ads that target audiences based on what they’re searching for while performing Google searches. Unlike organic search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads uses a pay-per-click (PPC) platform that requires users to pay whenever a visitor clicks on an ad.

Keeping this in mind, you may be asking, “Do Google Ads work?”

So, Do Google Ads Work?

Put simply, yes, Google Ads work. There are many benefits that come with utilizing Google Ads for your business, regardless of the size of your business. Ultimately, it’s more than worth it to use Google Ads if you want to take advantage of the popularity of Google and help your business flourish. The following are some of the specific reasons why you should consider making use of this tool.

Access Millions of Users

Google has become the primary hub for many internet users when searching around a specific topic. In fact, Google sees as many as 63,000 searches every second of every day, and the average person conducts around three to four searches per day. 

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It’s guaranteed that many of the people using Google on a daily basis are searching for topics regarding certain problems that your business works to solve. With Google Ads, your business can be the first result that people see when looking for specific solutions to specific problems.

Use Searcher Intent to Your Advantage

One of the key differences between the audience you target with traditional advertising and Google Ads is the intent behind their actions.

For instance, people using social media typically don’t want to face a large number of ads. You’re actually more likely to turn people away if you display ads that they’re simply not interested in seeing at the moment. However, when people are actively searching on Google for problems or solutions that pertain to your business, people are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer them. In other words, Google Ads helps you cater to people’s needs when they’re looking for you, as opposed to annoying your audience when they aren’t.

Capture Audiences at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Another benefit that comes with using Google Ads is the ability to engage audiences throughout the buyer’s journey from beginning to end. You can create content with the intent of informing readers and establishing your business as an authority on a certain topic, with corresponding ads that connect to these landing pages. If you don’t manage to convert leads with initial ads and landing pages, you can also use retargeting to reach your audience on other sites to remind them to return when interested.

You also have the ability to bid on specific long-tail keywords that people might enter when looking for products or services that are geared toward them, such as “digital marketing services for restaurants.” Many of these keywords are less expensive than broader more popular terms and can help you maximize your reach.

Make the Most of Your Available Marketing Budget

Bidding on some of the most valuable keyword search terms can be costly if you want to succeed. For some high-value keywords, you may even need to pay as much as thousands of dollars. However, a majority of keywords are affordable while enabling you to effectively connect with your audience through highly targeted ads.

Using Google Ads, you can place certain constraints on the budget the tool can use, with maximum bids and other options to help customize the experience. The benefit here is that even if you aren’t proactively monitoring your Google Ads account, you can remain comfortable in knowing that the tool isn’t going to spend more than you’ve permitted. You can also gauge the performance of your ads via the performance graph and make adjustments to your budget accordingly.

Get the Results You Want at a Faster Rate Than You Would with SEO

While it’s important to have a good SEO strategy behind your business, you can get good results even quicker with the help of good PPC using Google Ads. While it can take months or even years to yield the results you want from your SEO efforts, you can expedite the ranking process with the help of Google Ads. At the same time, you can avoid the amount of work you would need to boost your SEO performance such as calculating keyword density and gathering backlinks for your content.

With ads, you can also appear at the very top of the Google search results page above organic results, which can drastically increase the chances of your audience seeing you first.

Increase Brand Awareness

In addition to increasing traffic and conversion, Google Ads can help build brand awareness. The more ubiquitous your brand appears through extensive advertising on Google, the more recognition you’ll build for your brand, which can ultimately lead to increased trust among your audience. If people trust you, they’ll be more likely to become loyal customers. High-quality ads can help reinforce your brand image and connect with wider audiences in the process.

These reasons and more are why using Google Ads is worth it for nearly any business. You can get the results you want from your digital marketing efforts and customize your ad campaigns based on your budget with ease using this program. In turn, you’ll be able to boost conversion rates and ROI in the long term.

Interested in Google Ads but don’t have the time or in-house resources to run your own campaigns? Schedule a consult with our Ads experts and get started!

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