Content Pruning: How Deleting Website Pages Improves SEO

Content Pruning How Deleting Website Pages Improves SEO

When it was common for people to travel by ship, sailors would throw off some of the cargo into the sea during a storm to lighten it and save lives. In the digital marketing world, this life-saving idea can be applied to old, outdated content through a process called content pruning to help a website…

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LinkedIn Ads Step by Step: Full Guide for 2022 and Beyond

linkedin ads step by step

Over 65% of marketers describe LinkedIn ads as the best way to reach B2B audiences. It’s easy to see why. According to LinkedIn, 4 in 5 people who use the platform plays a role in making business purchase decisions. What does this mean for your business? It implies that LinkedIn ads are an excellent way…

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How To Create a Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

google ads remarketing

Google Ads remarketing campaigns are a great way to capitalize on interest that’s already been shown in your product. What are Google remarketing ads? They are a special type of ad product from Google that only gets shown to users who already know about your brand. It takes multiple visits to a website before the…

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Google Ads for B2B Marketing: Top Strategies & Targeting

google ads b2b

If you want to connect with a wide audience of potential customers and use the popularity of Google to your advantage, Google Ads is one of the best tools to use for any B2B company. You can maximize your exposure online and effectively supplement other advertising campaigns to maximize sales and ROI.  In this article,…

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Optimizing Website Speed To Make Your Site Insanely Fast

website speed optimization

Slow loading times are more than just an annoyance to your website’s visitors. They can have a profoundly negative impact on your business as well. In this post, we’ll talk about why slow websites kill business, and what you can do to speed yours up to improve your bottom line.  Why Loading Speed is Important…

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Shopify SEO: How to Improve Your Rankings on Google

shopify seo

Shopify does a lot for you to provide you with an out-of-the-box eCommerce platform. While ready-made solutions like this can kickstart some SEO for you, getting the best results will still take some manual effort. Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t always provide you with the best tools for doing this, meaning that some workarounds will be needed.…

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The Full Guide To Facebook Ads Remarketing Campaign Creation

Facebook Ads Remarketing

Facebook offers a number of options for marketers to use. Many of them can be confusing, and the Facebook ad manager can be hard to navigate if you don’t understand what you’re looking at. To help alleviate some of that frustration, we will be taking you through the process of using one of Facebook’s most…

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StoryBrand Marketing: How to Build Your Brand Messaging

storybrand marketing

Often, the ideas that seem the most simple are the ones that revolutionize the way business is done. Kitchen timers have existed for ages, but it wasn’t until the late 80s when Francesco Cirillo used one to force himself to take breaks that they became used as productivity tools. Now, the Pomodoro Technique is a…

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What Can You Really Do With Twilio & Is It Worth It?

how does twilio work

Every business needs a communications backbone. For small businesses, existing infrastructure may be enough. But as a business grows, the need for custom solutions to meet the demands of customer engagement, employee collaboration, and more grows with it. Time is money, and every second spent working around the limitations of your communications tools it money…

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Google E-A-T & SEO: Checklist, Quality Guidelines, & Tips

Google E-A-T SEO

E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. E-A-T is a concept from the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (QRG) that is used by Search Quality Raters to provide feedback to Google to improve the Search experience. This article will cover E-A-T in-depth and provide answers to important questions surrounding SEO, ranking, algorithms, and user experience…

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