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    Our goal is to help you thrive while serving as your trusted partner. We have the tools and the team to achieve success.  

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    Our award-winning team has the tech industry expertise required to help you scale. 

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    Our team will find the best solution for your needs, producing excellent results you can trust. 

// Our Story

Nomadic means living the life of a nomad; wandering. Our passion for technology is just that. Far too often, companies are falling behind, neglecting to execute on trends, not adapting or evolving, not leveraging a data-driven strategy. They make a great product or service, are positioned to scale, but they don’t know how to.

Nomadic’s founders — Nathan Silsbee, Brian Hennessy, Michael Burgin, and the Nomadic team— believe there’s a better way. Our team is inspired to guide others on this journey. With the founders’ combined backgrounds as a marketer, manager and engineer respectively, we were confident we could build an innovative company that can guide clients to the next level. We envisioned a company that would not only lead the industry in innovation and execution, but also to prioritize the growth of every individual within the company. Welcome to Nomadic.

Since the inception of Nomadic, we’ve scaled from a 3 person team to an 11 person team in just 1 year. Nomadic’s recipe is formidable, and our success is a result of our client’s successes.

Let’s scale your business together.


// Our Values

  • Pursue adventure.

    All team members are entitled to develop themselves personally and professionally. 
    Let's get out and go!

  • Have an open mind.

    Have an open mind to new ideas, approaches and processes.

  • Strive for excellence.

    Be dedicated to achieving outstanding results. This means going above and beyond, exceeding expectations, striving for excellence.

  • Empower self-discovery.

    Explore new paths independently, innovate better ways of approaching problems.

// Our Team

Nathan Silsbee

Nathan Silsbee

CEO / Co-Founder

Nathan is an accomplished entrepreneur who fantasizes of making impactful positive disruptions in the world through the use of technology. He enjoys whitewater kayaking, mountain biking, and spending time with his wife and son.


Brian Hennessy

COO / Co-Founder

Brian is a seasoned product manager who has seen dozens of ideas from conception to realization, and knows what it takes to get a product to market. In his free time, he dreams of having free time, then gets back to work.

Michael BurginXD

Michael Burgin

CTO / Co-Founder

Michael is a skilled software engineer and full-stack developer. Odds are good that he’s working at his computer at this very moment. Outside of work, he enjoys philosophy, bourbon, and trying to keep up with his son on the basketball court.


Jeanette Neuner

Sr. Project Manager

Jeanette is an experienced business professional with a passion for creative problem-solving in collaboration with dynamic teams. When she’s not in the office, she’s either on the trail, on the road, or playing in her art studio.


Gerry Bouchard

VP Corporate Strategy

Gerry takes great satisfaction in bringing clients and providers together to build a project that benefits all parties. Let’s put all the puzzle pieces on the table and work together to form a work of art. When Gerry is not meeting with clients, he enjoys international travel, cooking, and hiking secluded trails.

Ben Rea

Ben Rea

Sr. Marketing Specialist

Ben is a passionate and driven marketer with a laser focus on skyrocketing KPI’s. He specializes in Google Ads, SEO, and Content Marketing. Oh, and he loves coffee.



Hugh Howie

Sr. Brand Strategist

Hugh has worked with local, national, and global teams and brands, bringing to life a wide array of design and digital solutions. He lives and breathes strategy and user experience, which also comes in very handy when traveling the world and traversing mountains and oceans. 


Chris Burbach

Front-end Engineer

A former Audio/Visual engineer, Chris brings a sharp attention to detail and keen problem-solving ability to Nomadic. In his free time, Chris enjoys hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife and two kids.

Waldo Silsbee

Waldo Silsbee

Digital Barketing

Waldo is committed to motivating the Nomadic team toward excellence through his many years’ experience as a barketing specialist. He enjoys spending time with humans, fetching sticks, and taking naps.


Megan Fuss

UI / UX Specialist

Megan is a curious-minded information scientist who journeys from concept to design with the user in mind. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and baking sweet treats.

John Davenport

John Davenport

Software Engineer

John is a focused and passionate software engineer who loves a challenge and exploring new technologies. Outside of work he enjoys playing music, trying new foods, and playing with his two cats.


Heather Gasvoda

Marketing Project Coord.

Heather is a life-long learner dedicated to organizing and creating marketing campaigns that are data-informed and bring growth to clients. In her free time, she likes to convince her cats to spend time with her, drink quality coffee, and play board games with her husband.